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We are calling you to help! Our project needs a lot of forward planning. In order to maintain those schools which are already running, we have to guarantee their access to critical resources for the years to come. Our current schools need to know that they will always have our support. There’s nothing as disappointing as having to close a school. Only when we have guaranteed the resources for existing schools, we can start pushing further and open up more schools to give even more children the opportunity of having an education.


So, how can you help? Receiving monthly donations is the best way to provide assurance to our schools that they have our full support. Through these donations they know that they can count on us to move forward.

Help us monthly with one of the below amounts

  • School Material

    Every month
    Reference: 1 year school materials for 1 kid
    • Approx. 30 Euros or 36 USD
  • Bicycle and uniform

    Every month
    Reference: bicycle and uniform for one kid
    • Approx. 50 Euros or 58 USD
  • Teacher's salary

    Every month
    Reference: the monthly salary of a primary teacher
    • Approx. 75 Euros or 87 USD
  • Student support

    Every month
    Monthly support to allow 1 student to assist school

    This is why we offer different subscription packages from which you can pick whichever works best for you! Alternatively, you can choose to help by giving ANY amount you you’d like by creating a recurring transfer to the account below (this account is Singapore based):


    Bank: DBS

    Name: Battampore

    Account Number: 066-9044-07-0

    Swift: DBSSSGSG


    One-off donations are also welcome! But please leave us your email on the transfer concept so we can thank you! Both us and the children really appreciate your help. Every donation is a step forward in these children’s education.

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